Bendy Bones

In English we have been describing characters, settings and we created our own character. We are ready now to plan our own narrative based on the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory story line and write it up next week. In PE we have been working on the skills we need to defend and attack in hockey. The children worked well together to defend and keep the ball with their team mates. We discussed the different strategies we need to consider and use to help make sure the attacks are unsuccessful. In FUNS we completed some more complex balances this week. It involved partner work and the children had great fun trying out the different balances together. They worked well trying different positions until they were still and felt comfortable – however the wind didn’t help!

In Science we have been looking at skeletons. We know how important the skeleton is in our bodies, it protects vital organs and gives us our shape. We know that our bones are very tough, strong and can snap or break if hurt. With this in mind, we have set up an experiment this week to see how bones react to acidic liquid. We are trying to see if by this time next week the acid will have changed the properties of the bone and then we will possibly have bendy bones!

Make sure to visit our blog next week to see what happens!

Have a good weekend 🙂

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