Our first full week!

This is the first full week the children have experienced in Year 3 and it has been a very busy one indeed.

We had an amazing start to the week with our English hook. In English we are focusing on instructions, so on Monday we had to follow instructions to make some play dough together! It was a rather messy morning but everyone had a great time. In History this week, we have begun our topic Tribal Tales by looking at and building our own time line of the stone, bronze and iron age. In Science we have been exploring different food groups and different nutrients which we will look closer at next week; into the differences in diet for animals and humans. In Music we have been focusing on reading music notes. This week we looked at crotchets and quavers, what they look like on paper and how they sound. We enjoyed clapping different beats and words together in class to see who was the best.

It’s been a busy week for the children, learning the new routines of Key Stage 2, but they’re getting the hang of it!

Have a good weekend, Miss Bell πŸ™‚


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