Welcome back!

This week we have began all our new and exciting topics!

In Science we started Forces and Magnets. We started by looking into what a force is and at push and pull forces on objects. the children performed freeze frames for their friends to show either a push or pull force.

In PE we have two new sports. We have Badminton on a Monday. We started of by focusing on balance and learning how to hold a racket. The children enjoyed games in teams trying to catch large shuttlecocks in badminton nets.

This term we have a Geography topic called Flow. We began looking at the water cycle and exploring how the water on earth is recycled for thousands of years. We have also enjoyed our ‘Pop-up Poppy Shop’ at break time to raise money for the Royal British Legion.

I am looking forward to another exciting week!

Have a good weekend πŸ™‚

End of Autumn Term 1!

What a week we have had!

Ending our first term in Year 3 with MAD week has been great fun! The children have been focusing on endangered animals, in Years 3 and 4 we looked at the Giant Panda.

We began our week recapping different sketching techniques to sketch our own Panda faces. We looked at hatching, cross hatching and stippling . We then looked at pressure blending using oil pastels to create a green jungle background.

Next, we took part in some textiles work, learning different sewing techniques including overcast and basting. In pairs with some Year 4 children, they practised on some Binca squares to master the different stitches. The children then designed their own puppets and planned the different felt shapes they would use. We then used these skills to stitch together felt and add features to their own panda puppet.

To end the week, we had House Time focusing on our school mission and how we follow this every day. We discussed St Charles’, who he is and how he became a Saint in the lead up to St Charles’ Feast Day after half term.

We have had a great first term and hope everyone has a relaxing break!

Miss Bell πŸ™‚

Merchant of Venice

This week the children enjoyed to a trip to Sacred Heart to watch a performance by the Royal Shakespeare Company. The children had great fun watching the show and their behaviour was amazing!

In PE this week were worked on our defending and attacking skills again. The children worked in pairs whilst dribbling trying to take the ball from their partner. Their dribbling skills have improved and they are much more confident moving at a faster pace keeping control of the ball.

Thank you to all the parents who attended parents evening this week. It was lovely to be able to share with you your child’s journey in Year 3 so far.

Have a nice weekend πŸ™‚

Bendy Bones

In English we have been describing characters, settings and we created our own character. We are ready now to plan our own narrative based on the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory story line and write it up next week. In PE we have been working on the skills we need to defend and attack in hockey. The children worked well together to defend and keep the ball with their team mates. We discussed the different strategies we need to consider and use to help make sure the attacks are unsuccessful. In FUNS we completed some more complex balances this week. It involved partner work and the children had great fun trying out the different balances together. They worked well trying different positions until they were still and felt comfortable – however the wind didn’t help!

In Science we have been looking at skeletons. We know how important the skeleton is in our bodies, it protects vital organs and gives us our shape. We know that our bones are very tough, strong and can snap or break if hurt. With this in mind, we have set up an experiment this week to see how bones react to acidic liquid. We are trying to see if by this time next week the acid will have changed the properties of the bone and then we will possibly have bendy bones!

Make sure to visit our blog next week to see what happens!

Have a good weekend πŸ™‚

Recycle Week

Thank you for all of our crisp packets collected in Year 3! We collected over 100 packets for recycle week!

In English this week we have started our fiction topic. We have begun exploring Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by incorporating drama into our lessons. The children created freeze frames of the feelings and emotions of Charlie in the story before then moving onto to small drama pieces in groups to recreate the moment Charlie finds the ticket! In grammar, we looked at changing adjectives into adverbs and using them in sentences. The children had a series of pictures which they used to write sentences with adverbs, as you can see from the pictures, they were very proud of their work.

In PE we focused on passing skills. In our FUNS lesson we looked at different balances. The children had great fun completing different static balances. In Art we continued working on different sketching techniques, we tried cross hatching and the children produced wonderful work.

To end our week, we had a music lesson with Year 4 and we introduced the children to our nativity. This year, both Years 3 and 4 will take part in a nativity together, we can’t wait!

Have a good weekend πŸ™‚


This week the children have begun to learn skills for Hockey. We have worked on controlling the ball when maneuvering around cones, keeping it close to the stick. We have enjoyed progressing in music introducing rests. The children worked hard clapping out rhythms included rests – this proved to be very tricky when you’re clapping and chanting at the same time! We completed our Non- fiction topic in English and wrote our own instructions for lots of different tasty sandwiches, you need to try one!

In Math, we have bee counting up in our 4’s and 8’s. We recognised the patterns and how they link and enjoyed completed some number hunt maze games in class. In History, we read the Stone Age Boy. From this, we compared how our lives are different now compared to then, how they cook, live etc.

Have a great weekend. πŸ™‚

Our first full week!

This is the first full week the children have experienced in Year 3 and it has been a very busy one indeed.

We had an amazing start to the week with our English hook. In English we are focusing on instructions, so on Monday we had to follow instructions to make some play dough together! It was a rather messy morning but everyone had a great time. In History this week, we have begun our topic Tribal Tales by looking at and building our own time line of the stone, bronze and iron age. In Science we have been exploring different food groups and different nutrients which we will look closer at next week; into the differences in diet for animals and humans. In Music we have been focusing on reading music notes. This week we looked at crotchets and quavers, what they look like on paper and how they sound. We enjoyed clapping different beats and words together in class to see who was the best.

It’s been a busy week for the children, learning the new routines of Key Stage 2, but they’re getting the hang of it!

Have a good weekend, Miss Bell πŸ™‚


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Every Friday as a class, we will post an update to share with you the exciting and fun activities we have taken part in that week.

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